The Tokenist is a media platform for providing relevant, high quality, and differentiated information for the security token industry. Our unique insights are derived from backgrounds in digital media consulting, crypto asset marketing, and private market investing. This perspective allowed us to recognize early-on the disruptive potential of blockchain technology applied to private securities. Specifically, we understand the existing inefficiencies inherent in the process of capitalizing, issuing, administering, transferring, and servicing investments in private assets such as real estate partnerships, private equity/venture capital funds, and direct private company ownership.

These inefficiencies have direct economic costs for all parties, including: limited access to capital, discounted asset valuations, insufficient liquidity, unnecessarily high fees and expenses, and myriad other indirect or hidden costs. Furthermore, these inefficiencies don’t just exist in the private alternative investments market as tokenization has the potential to improve the most traditional markets like public equity and debt and also the most non-traditional, like music rights or sports team ownership.

Our analysis of the private asset ecosystem highlights significant technological limitations in the approach currently taken by the industry. Fundamental democratic functions like title ownership records, security regulation compliance, and capitalization table maintenance are slower, more costly, and less accurate than they should or could be. Furthermore, limited high-quality investment options exist for all but the wealthiest and most well-connected investors interested in exposure to assets like startups, real estate, etc. Those options that do exist are also structurally limited, reducing the flexibility that investors and their advisors have in constructing personalized portfolios unique to an individual’s specific goals, preferences, and risk tolerance.

By advancing the development of a more sophisticated, efficient and transparent private asset marketplace we hope to accelerate the realization of and exposure to solutions that give people increased control of their investments, so that the best projects get funded and value received is efficiently connected with value provided. We do so by highlighting the most relevant industry news as well as by publishing investigative case studies of the most salient applications of security technology.