Contributor Guidelines

The objective of The Tokenist is to maintain a high level of reporting for up-to-date news and events occurring in the realm of security tokens. Our goal is to maintain a high level of professionalism with quality curated content.

With that in mind, we strongly encourage that content contributors to refrain from posting any promotional content. Any content regarding a specific topic to create awareness, ought to be done in a Press Release tone or manner. Contributors are encouraged to post topics related to STOs in general, including opinion pieces. Contributors should not actively actively seek to drive traffic from The Tokenist to their own website but rather to inform and educate the reader base.

  • Each contributor is entitled to as many content posts as they would like, with a minimum of 1 content post per week. (Minimum 4 per month).
  • Each content piece ought to be roughly 750 words.
  • The topic should have citations to any sources mentioned.
  • The article should have 2-3 subheadings for proper formatting including the topic/keyword in the sub-headings.
  • The paragraphs should be small (2-3 sentences), not a giant chunk of texts.
  • Avoid using “I”, “we”, or “you” – Third person tone is required.
  • Please include a relevant image.
  • Quotations are strongly recommended.
  • No Hidden Links or Affiliate Links
  • Please Proofread.
  • Avoid making claims of profit earning potential or making overly optimistic predictions.
  • Do not make promises about financial gain.

Appropriate Use of CTA (Calls To Action)

Please refrain from using linked text with promotional CTAs. Examples include, “Check XYZ Out, Click Here to Find More, Read About It Here

Links should not be added to drive traffic away from The Tokenist.

Some examples :

Checklist for Contributors – Please Consider Each of These Before Posting

  • Is the post checked for grammar?
  • Are all sources cited?
  • Is there a relevant image/images for the article?
  • Are there 2-3 subheadings that are full sentences?
  • Is the post interlinked to at least 3 other articles on The Tokenist?
  • Are the paragraphs formatted to be no longer than 4-5 sentences?
  • Is the Title descriptive and enticing for people to read the article?
  • Did you select the relevant category/categories?
  • Did you add 3-4 relevant Tags?

How to Post a Topic

  1. Log in to
  2. Enter login information
  3. Go to POST – -> New
  4. Post the content/format it
  5. Check using “PREVIEW”.
  6. If Ok, click “Submit Draft”
  7. Our editor will check and inform you when the article is live.