Digital Securities Investment Firms Publish “State of Smart Securities – 2019”

Digital Securities Investment Firms Publish “State of Smart Securities – 2019”

Digital securities investment firms have just released a new report overviewing the tokenized security industry for 2019. The report outlines the evolution of capital formation, the basics of so-called “smart securities,” and the future of the industry.

NovaBlock Capital, Ownera, and the Security Token Summit have come together to produce and publish a new report on the digital securities space. Titled “State of Smart Securities – 2019,” the report outlines what we can expect in 2019 given the most recent trends. According to Andrew Serran, co-founder of NovaBlock Capital, the incentive to create this report was due to the “large education gap [that] persists” which remains the “biggest challenge for our industry.”

“Let’s Move the Industry Forward.”

Alon Goren, co-founder of Ownera and the Security Token Summit, said that it’s crucial that people understand the potential of tokenized securities. “A surprisingly small portion of securities, assets and financial products in general are truly digital and accessible today,” he said.

The report mentions “smart securities” as an alternative way of describing security tokens: blockchain technology utilized to “reduce frictions to trade [and] automate compliance procedures.”

The report makes the case for “smart securities” being the “next evolution of capital markets and capital formation.” As Leeor Shimron, CEO of NovaBlock Capital, put it: the report makes clear that “no asset class is immune, and this technology forces the largest of financial institutions to pay attention to the promises of blockchain.”

You can read “State of Smart Securities – 2019” by signing up for the free report here.

What do you think of the report? Is there currently an information gap or should the industry instead focus on fundamental infrastructure first before public outreach? Let us know your thoughts.

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