Etherparty’s ‘Rocket’ Launch Will Include a Security Token System

Etherparty’s ‘Rocket’ Launch Will Include a Security Token System

Etherparty, a Canadian blockchain technology company, just announced that the updated version of their platform will support security tokens. Rocket, their platform, is a token crowdsale platform built on Ethereum.

‘Rocket 2.0’ will dedicate a portion of its platform to tokenized securities, according to an announcement that was just released today by its team, Etherparty.

Version 2.0 will integrate the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to better facilitate tokenized securities on their platform. IPFS allows for Rocket 2.0 to be secure, accessible, and transparent; these requirements will be necessary in order for the platform to be compliant and able to host tokenized securities.

“An Exciting Milestone.”

Lisa Cheng, the founder of Etherparty, said that the plan is to create a new security token standard for their accessible token crowdfunding platform. This new token standard, she says, will be called the Real Security Token Standard or RSTS.

“This is an exciting milestone in the evolution of our product. Rocket 2.0 really represents what security tokens should be – having the ability to link real world assets and securitize them while using AML, KYC, filing in jurisdictions, dividends, voting, whitelisting, and storing actual documents in IPFS.”

As of now, Etherparty has some 600 projects lined up who are interested in using the Rocket platform to crowdfund their projects.

Etherparty’s goal is to create a simple-to-use, versatile platform for crowdfunders, similar to Kickstarter. Others in the security token industry have been looking at these same solutions. Etherparty is also not the only one developing new token standards, and they will be facing strict competition from even their own network, Ethereum.

Currently, their first project, Rocket, is live. However, tokenized securities will not be added until the following version which will have a stringent KYC/AML component so that they can meet all the legal requirements. Etherparty did not announce a date for the release of Rocket 2.0, however.

Do you agree that crowdfunding and tokenized securities are a natural fit? Will we see more platforms adopt tokenized securities in the coming months? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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