FinTech4Good to Host 2019 NYC Security Token Forum on April 12th

FinTech4Good to Host 2019 NYC Security Token Forum on April 12th

Following the success of DC Security Token Night last month, FinTech4Good will be hosting another security token forum in NYC on April 12th. The event will be held in Times Square Tower.

In order for the security token industry to thrive, it needs to have events where thought leaders can meet other entrepreneurs and investors in the space. The Security Token Academy, Security Tokens Realised, and other groups have done a fine job of bringing together experts.

Building on top of these successes, FinTech4Good is convening in NYC for a security token event that will feature some well-known speakers. The event was just announced and will be held on April 12th.

Influential Speakers Expected

The Security Token Forum will feature a few influential keynote speakers.

  • Jeff Bandman, the founder of Bandman Advisors.
  • Vincent Molinari, securities expert and co-founder of Templum.
  • Frane Walczak, director of business development at tZERO.

A few other speakers are also expected. Over 50+ media partners from 6 countries and 4 languages will be covering the Security Token Forum.

Guests will also be given an STO handbook which will be launched by the STO Council. The STO Council was established by FinTech4Good in 2018 to connect the STO industry with the tools and resources necessary for compliance and token issuances.

The event will certainly cause a splash in the security token space.

Will you be following the security token forum? Any thoughts on where the security token space is headed? Let us know your comments below.

Image courtesy of The Coin Shark.

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