Former Morgan Stanley Capital Markets Chief: Asset Tokenization to ‘Profoundly Impact’ Capital Markets, Joins Polybird as Advisor

Former Morgan Stanley Capital Markets Chief: Asset Tokenization to ‘Profoundly Impact’ Capital Markets, Joins Polybird as Advisor

Raj Dhanda is a former Capital Markets Chief at Morgan Stanley. Following the highly anticipated implementation of tokenized securities, Dhanda will serve on the advisory board of blockchain-based tokenized assets exchange Polybird. Dhanda is currently the CEO of the commercial real estate-focused private equity group Black Creek Group and most recently served as the group’s President.

Raj Dhanda Joins Security Token Industry Through Polybird

Former Capital Markets Chief, Raj Dhanda, has recently joined the advisory board of Blockchain-based tokenized assets exchange firm — Polybird. The developing security token exchange aims to pioneer the impending revolution that security tokens are predicted to bring to capital markets.

Earlier this month, they released details of an innovative concept they will use to ensure regulatory compliance: Chinese Walls. Now, Polybird’s platform has seemingly caught the attention of Raj Dhanda, former Capital Markets Chief at Morgan Stanley.

Dhanda is set to bring his extensive experience— which includes a total of 27 years at Morgan Stanley— to Polybird’s advisory board. He will also maintain his current position as CEO of the commercial real estate-focused private equity group Black Creek Group.

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Raj Dhanda, Polybird Advisor

In explaining his optimism behind asset tokenization, Dhanda provided the following remarks.

“I see a strong promise in Blockchain-based asset tokenization. It will have a profound impact on global capital markets. Polybird is a very ambitious startup and it is pursuing what’s the next logical step in the evolution of financial markets.”

Polybird’s CEO, Harish D. Gupta, also provided comments on the strengths that Dhanda will bring to his team:

“Mr Dhanda has a very strong macro perspective and a robust big-picture of global capital markets. Mr Dhanda’s addition to our board helps us bring a very strong institutional perspective across asset classes and more specifically in global fixed income, where Mr Dhanda spent a significant time.”

The Benefits of Asset Tokenization Explained

Asset tokenization is the second most notable use case of Blockchain technology after cryptocurrencies, which is set to transform financial markets. Asset tokenization is the creation of a native digital representation of assets and securities that are issued, traded and managed on a Blockchain.

These digital representations of ownership are known as tokens or coins, which are highly programmable and multiple capital market functions can be automated, or simply eliminated when codified.

Tokenization allows complete digitization of assets, such that assets can be transferred without the need of third parties or multiple ledgers. This enables better transparency and real-time execution of many operational tasks. Tokenization may also help increase fractionalization, liquidity, and codify rules and regulations throughout the asset lifecycle.

How Polybird Aims to Boost Capital Markets with Blockchain Technology

Financial institutions and companies across the world have been issuing billions of dollars of bonds on blockchain and this trend is only expected to continue. In fact, some have predicted the security token industry to surpass the accumulative cryptocurrency market cap.

Polybird estimates that the value of these bonds exceeded $10 billion in 2018 and is expected to exceed $50 billion in 2019, as banks see the potential to simplify the cumbersome bond issuance process, and digitize and automate the entire asset lifecycle. Similar trends are being noted in other asset classes such as equities, commodities, investment funds, and real estate.

Polybird Exchange is a global marketplace for tokenized assets. It is an end-to-end global exchange platform that enables the issuance of digital tokens to raise equity and debt capital, and then allow trading of those tokens. Tokenizers can also list existing tokenized assets on the platform such as equities, bonds, commodities, currencies and commercial real estate.

What do you think of Morgan Stanley senior Raj Dhanda joining the ranks of Polybird in an advisory role? Will Polybird become a premier platform for the exchange of tokenized securities? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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November 29, 2018

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