Issuance and Securitize Pioneer to Form Securities Tokenization Authority

Issuance and Securitize Pioneer to Form Securities Tokenization Authority

Issuance, a digital securities marketing platform, has recently announced the finalization of a considerable partnership with Securitize, an asset tokenizing enterprise. As the push for securities tokens becomes increasingly popular, both companies have seemingly put themselves at the forefront of the future in blockchain technology.

Issuance and Securitize Partner to Spearhead the Tokenization of Securities

Securities tokens are on the verge of becoming the next expansion of blockchain technology. While many companies scramble to stay ahead of the pack and prepare for what’s around the corner, Issuance and Securitize just made a huge statement which demonstrates their shared vision for the future.

As articulated by Darren Marble, the CEO of Issuance, the new deal simply allows for increased STO efficiency in raising capital and reaching success:

“The ultimate objective of every digital securities issuer is to raise capital as quickly and as cost efficiently as possible. Our partnership with Securitize will give its clients exposure to the right network of investors and increase their likelihood of funding. Conversely, Securitize offers a proven tokenization solution for Issuance clients, who seek compliant trading of digital securities across multiple markets and exchanges.”

Marble is no stranger when it comes to the successful marketing of digital assets. In fact, Issuance has raised funding with over 20 tokenization platforms. Yet this is just the tip of the iceberg— they estimate the digital securities market to have an overall value of $10 trillion by 2020.

They’re known to offer direct access to both institutional investors and crypto hedge funds, and Marble strongly feels as though the new partnership will only strengthen both their pre-existent and future investor relations for enterprises who wish to conduct STOs:

“We have trusted relationships with some of the most active investors in the space, who tend to be unknown to most broker-dealers. We are honored to partner with Securitize and are eager to deliver immediate value to their clients who seek access to capital.”

How the Expertise of Securitize Appeals to Issuance

Securitize— an industry expert who specializes in the tokenization of funds, companies, and many other assets— has a history of successful offerings. They have worked with various companies in the space to include Blockchain Capital, SPiCE VC, Coinmint, Realecoin, and to tokenize numerous securities.

They offer services to include a turnkey and SaaS solution to ensure compliance during the often stringent STO process. Securitize handles the processing of investors from login to capital acquired, they demonstrate proof of compliance, and provide investor management services which last for the entire life-cycle of the asset at hand.

Carlos Domingo, the CEO of Securitize, has apparently witnessed an increase in requests from his clients seeking expert marketing exposure, as offered by the likes of Issuance:

“Securitize is committed to providing an end to end tokenization solution to our customers by creating an ecosystem of the best partners around our digital securities platform and protocol. We are very pleased to have partnered with a top firm like Issuance for such a critical and important service like marketing of the offerings.”

What does such a partnership say about the future of securities tokens? Will such partnerships be vital in successful and regulatory compliant STOs? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Image courtesy of Crypto Ninja.

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