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In October of 2019, merged into The Tokenist ( Given the similarities of readership – and content – between and The Tokenist, we consolidated the guides, news and reviews content on both sites so that we could put 100% of our time and energy into making The Tokenist as useful and helpful for all readers and financial professionals who come to our website.

The Merger

Prior to being acquired by Tokenist Media, was the flagship product of Wall Street Tools LLC, an Oregon-based corporation. The web site was launched in late 2006 and offered a unique set of tools for the investment community.

The mission of iStockAnalyst was to educate and to provide tools that helped investors make informed investment decisions. iStockAnalyst was a virtual community of financial bloggers, investment advisors, money managers and investment newsletter managers that provides in-depth and timely research articles for investing in the market. The research articles were complemented with research data from Zacks Investment Research and iStockAnalyst’s proprietary custom equity rankings and market scans, data which now powers the editorial review board of The research data was presented in both graphical and textual formats.

iStockAnalyst founder Ashish Gupta had dual master’s degrees in engineering management and systems engineering and more than a decade of experience in systems design and investing. He believed there is no silver bullet for investing, and that an investor’s best shot at success comes from getting the most-timely information from investment communities and the best system support to analyze this information quickly.

iStockAnalyst’s web site offerings grew substantially from its launch all the way through 2015, with new tools launched on a near daily basis. Some of the features offered by the former website included: Daily analysis by our exclusive writers on current markets, individual equity stocks and sectors; Articles from more than 450 contributors are analyzed, categorized and edited for instant publication; Research data on more than 9,000 stocks traded on U.S. and Canadian markets; Equity rankings on more than 4,000 stocks traded on NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX; A weekly podcast featuring commentary on all of Wall Street’s latest news; E-mail alerts and RSS feeds filtered by symbols and sectors; Earnings and economic reports calendar; Technical charts for more than 9,000 stocks. Daily sector scan; And daily technical and candle screen scans, and much more.

If you had previously followed or subscribed to iStockAnalyst or any of its products, we encourage you to read through The Tokenist and get a feel for what the site is all about. Not only do we cover financial news and trends in the markets, but we also cover an emerging asset class in tokenized securities and blockchain technology. On, you’ll find a plethora of resources, calculators, and tools to coach you through the process of investing (and surviving) the markets today.

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