Current Openings

The Tokenist is an online publication focusing on providing high quality news and information about the emerging world of security tokens and tokenization of real world assets. Our mandate is to inform, educate and help connect the global community to support the growth of tokenized securities.

We believe that the tokenization of the “real world” represents a fundamental shift in finance and the emergence of a global capital explosion funding a new wave of businesses throughout the world.

Our team is located in 4 different countries and works around the clock bringing the latest news to readers in over 40 countries.

Senior Editor

Location – Independent

Closes – October 31st, 2018

Job Type – Full Time

Description – We’re looking for senior editor with experience managing teams of 3-4 writers remotely. Responsibilities include quality control of articles and editorial pieces as well as providing guidance on finding and curating new topics.

Junior Researcher/Writer

Location – Independent

Closes – September 31st, 2018

Description – Junior writers need to constantly be on their toes to report on news and emerging trends or events. This involves traveling to conferences as well as working directly alongside the editorial team.

PR Specialist

Location – Independent

Closes – October 31st, 2018

Description – We’re looking for a PR specialist to help bootstrap strategic relationships. Strong preference is placed on communication skills and organization.

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