“Real Estate Assets Tradable in a Liquid and Compliant Manner”: Meridio Partners with AirSwap

“Real Estate Assets Tradable in a Liquid and Compliant Manner”: Meridio Partners with AirSwap

Meridio, a platform for trading blockchain-based shares of real estate ownership, just recently announced a partnership with the decentralized exchange AirSwap. Together, the back-end exchange will merge with the front-end interface of Merido to create an easy, no-fee environment where users can trade blockchain-based real estate assets with approved investors.

As a platform for buying and selling asset-backed tokens, Meridio has been watching the recent SEC enforcement of ICOs as securities seriously.

After all, the hurdles towards tokenized securities are still plentiful. This makes it all the more pressing for Meridio to partner itself with a trading system with compliant and seamless API integrations, and one that is willing to collaborate on a new token standard for real estate as blockchain-based securities.

Meridio found its answers in AirSwap: a decentralized exchange and protocol which already has long standing dealings with registered brokers.

The Meridio-AirSwap Partnership

The partnership was one based on mutual interest. AirSwap has already built a protocol to allow for frictionless token swaps; Meridio, on the other hand, has a front-end interface already live for investing and tracking one’s portfolio.

As of the announcement, Airswap’s consumer token widget is integrated into the Meridio platform which allows users to purchase ETH or DAI (a stablecoin representing a ‘digital dollar.’)  In the future, Meridio has said that they wish to allow investors to trade asset-backed tokens (i.e. securities) against the DAI or other stablecoins so that volatility on their platform is minimized.

Currently, Meridio is working on supporting real estate token swaps with the help of AirSwap’s API.

A New Token Standard

Meridio is working to introduce a new token standard to represent real estate assets on the blockchain. The Meridio-Airswap partnership will allow for this tokenized security to be traded in a compliant and straightforward manner. Currently, their constructed smart contracts are undergoing an audit by ConsenSys Diligence and new information on their token standard is expected to be released soon.

Meridio is working to structure their token model based on existing security laws. This means: encoded compliance, an on-chain whitelist, up-to-date data capture metrics, and a system that is easily upgradeable for any new regulatory demands. Meridio has said that upon revealing their new tokenized security and standard, they will work towards the adoption of compliant practices for tokenized securities in the booming real estate space.

What do you think of the Meridio-AirSwap Partnership? Do you think tokenized securities will play an integral role in the real estate market? Comment down below with your thoughts.

Image courtesy of Meridio.

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