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Welcome to the financial reports and research archive of The Tokenist.. The goal if this website is two-fold; i) to be a steward of the new era of open finance, as ushered in by decentralized ledger technology and its impact on traditional finance business models, and ii) to review and recommend the best products, services and platforms for our readers — financial professionals at the cutting edge of FinTech.

We come from a mixed background of corporate finance, private equity, engineering, operations management, digital media, affiliate publishing, and blockchain. Realizing that there was no central hub for information that integrated these industries, we sought to create one — and was born.

On this site, we publish and share our own objective, research-driven analyses of current events and popular products and services in the FinTech industry. You can learn more about our team here, and our research methodology and review process here. If you’re new here, please have a look at some of our award-winning reports below. 👇

Our Research Includes

  • Blockchain Financial Market Trends and Insights
  • Reviews of Investment Professionals and Platforms
  • Hands-On Tests of Emerging FinTech Software Applications
  • Industry Internet Statistics and Meta-Analyses

The Tokenist Research

All of the reports below have been prepared by our in-house experts, and have been reviewed by expert third parties in various fields. If you’re interested in obtaining licensing rights or would like to republish the content in any format, please contact us.

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