Tokeny Partners with Issuance, Inc. to Connect Digital Securities with Prospective Investors

Tokeny Partners with Issuance, Inc. to Connect Digital Securities with Prospective Investors

Tokeny is expanding their platform to better attract investors with the help of Issuance, Inc. The partnership will bring traditional forms of finance and digital securities closer together.

There has always been the lingering question with security token platforms: how can they effectively bring in new investors from traditional finance?  The recently-announced partnership between Tokeny and Issuance, Inc. seeks to answer this question. The partnership is looking to use Issuance, a deal-making platform, to bridge the current gap between digital securities and traditional forms of financing. Issuers will also be provided better tools to tokenize their existing traditional assets to connect them with investment banks, asset managers, advisors, and investors.

Darren Marble, the CEO of Issuance, said that reason for the partnership was simple: “There is a lack of interconnectivity and access to the trillions of dollars worth of assets in traditional capital markets.” This partnership is one step towards bridging this gap.

Making STOs Easier

Tokeny is looking to provide the most secure end-to-end platform for security token issuers by streamlining the entire process. To this end, Tokeny announced a partnership in December with the Security Token Network for greater industry adoption. Recently, the company also released their own open-source security token standard called the “Token for Regulated Exchanges” (T-REX).

“We are on the cusp of a new paradigm for investors, in which the value and ownership of any asset class – funds, real estate, equity – can now be digitized in the form of tokens capable of being subdivided,traded 24/7, and accessed globally,” said Luc Falempin, CEO of Tokeny.

About Tokeny

Tokeny is a compliant platform for tokenized securities. The platform provides digital token issuers with high-level management solutions during and after their security token offering.

About Issuance, Inc.

Issuance is a relatively new company formed in 2018 to connect traditional investors with digital securities. They also provide KYC authentication services.

What do you think of the partnership? Will Tokeny be a major player in the digital securities space? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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