tZERO Onboards Alan Konevsky as Chief Legal Officer

tZERO Onboards Alan Konevsky as Chief Legal Officer

One of the leading companies in the tokenized security space, tZERO, has just announced Alan Konevsky to lead their in-house legal team. The new appointment will ensure that tZERO stays closely aligned with the quickly-changing regulatory landscape for tokenized securities.

tZERO, a subsidiary of, has been making the news recently over their recent activity in the tokenized security market. Finishing up the token distribution for its platform in October, the company recently announced they would be partnering with GSR Capital to tokenize upwards of $200 million worth of cobalt reserves. tZero has now announced they have appointed Alan Konevsky as their Chief Legal Officer (CLO).

Konevsky was previously the senior vice president at Mastercard and will be in charge of all regulatory compliance and legal questions.

Leading tZERO’s Legal Team

Konevsky will be responsible for all legal concerns for tZERO which is complex to navigate given the young age of the security token industry. Konevsky and his team will be responsible for:

“…global regulatory initiatives, strategic transactions, product development, commercial contracts, corporate governance, investor relations, compliance, intellectual property, privacy, cybersecurity, public policy and other critical aspects of the company’s businesses and operations.”

The announcement also makes note that Konevsky will also be crucial for tZERO’s advisory services business along with their partnership with BOX Digital Markets which aims to launch the world’s first SEC-regulated exchange for digital securities.

Konevsky’s past experience in the business sector is detailed. Before being senior vice president at Mastercard, he was on senior counsel at Goldman Sachs in London and on Sullivan & Cromwell’s special counsel. Graduating magna cum laude from Harvard Law School and summa cum laude from Columbia College, he is widely recognized as a person of distinguished prominence and expertise within business law.

About tZERO

tZERO formed in 2014 with the intention of revolutionizing financial markets through the use of blockchain technology. Owned by, their goal is to create the financial infrastructure necessary for “finance 2.0” through cryptographically-secure decentralized ledgers. They have since their inception been on the cutting edge of security token adoption and compliance.

What do you think about tZERO’s recent appointment? Is the platform making inroads in the security token industry? Let us know in the comments.

Image courtesy of tZERO.

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