Vertalo Partners with Assurely to Bring Insurance to Digital Securities Issuers and Investors

Vertalo Partners with Assurely to Bring Insurance to Digital Securities Issuers and Investors

Announced September 20th 2019, Vertalo— the B2B SAAS platform specializing in on-chain cap table management— has partnered with insurtech firm Assurely. The deal will enable Vertalo users to leverage TigerMark, an insurance product built by Assurely designed to strengthen security and confidence in the digital asset industry.

Vertalo’s Partnership Featuring Assurely’s TigerMark Explained

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Vertalo is a subsidiary of SeriesX.

The firm aims to strengthen the digital securities industry by providing cap table management and an investor onboarding solution which facilitates direct ownership and direct listing of any private asset.

A particular problem that the industry faces, says Vertalo, is that a majority of existing tools feature a poor user experience. Token transactions are complicated, most of which can only be performed by experts.

With this lack of simple usability, maintstream investors remain hesitant and unconfident when it comes to participating in the developing industry.

That’s why Vertalo has now partnered with Assurely, an insurtech firm which creates and distributes insurance products.

Through the partnership, digital securities issuers who utilize the Vertalo platform to manage a private offering will have the option of offering insured protection. The insurance stems from Assurely’s proprietary insurance product, TigerMark.

The product is also said to insure investments themselves, in the unlikely event of an administrative error or wrongdoing.

According to Vertalo co-founder and CEO Dave Hendricks,

“Mainstream adoption of digital assets has been hindered by complicated token issuances and wallets designed for experts, leaving many waiting on the sidelines for a better user experience. Because of usability challenges and sub-par offerings, most investors haven’t had the confidence to invest in new digital offerings, despite their promised gains and liquidity. Through Vertalo’s partnership and integration with Assurely, both issuers and investors can now have more confidence that their investments in these new digital instruments are backed by the power of insurance, protected against simple administrative errors or unfortunate malfeasance.”

David Carpentier, Assurely co-founder and CEO, added,

“Partnering with Vertalo is a significant step the digital assets industry and for Assurely Integrating our products and process with Vertalo allows us to continue to increase the trust, confidence, and safety of investing in digital assets.  We are able to deploy an instantaneous, automated, and application-free insurance purchasing process that customizes risk products to what is needed, when it is needed.  It is a powerful partnership and we are thrilled to contribute to Vertalo’s mission of advancing this industry for the benefit of all stakeholders involved.”

In other recent news, Vertalo has partnered with U.S. Capital Global and Securrency.

What do you think about Vertalo partnering with Assurely? We want to know what you think in the comments section below.

Image courtesy of Vertalo.

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